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Online Poker in 2013

As you probably know absolute poker has stopped offering online poker games. So we will maintain this site solely as a resource on how to play poker profitably. Online poker is a fast evolving game and operators come and go, but the skills to play will always help you make money wherever you play. This is why it is called a skill game and some players truly consistently make a profit from Texas Holdem. But to be honest most people lose. The reason for that is the rake. As poker operators take a fee from each cash game or tournament, called respectively the rake or the buyin fee, it is not a zero-sum game for the players.

Indeed because of the rake, losing players lose more, breakeven players lose a been, and even some marginally profitable players lose. This only left a minority of players who are profitable as the rake is a tough constraint to overcome. This is why you need the sharpest skills and you should read our strategy articles section to become better at the game. Only by constantly reading and thinking about the game of online poker can you master it. Also participate in strategy forums and buy the lastest books.

Absolute Poker Referral Code

The process to open an account at Absolute Poker and get your bonus is simple:

  1. Download the software,
  2. Launch the program and create your account,
  3. Use Referral Code YOUR500 to get your bonus.

Absolute Poker is one of the leading online poker rooms.

At Absolute Poker, you will find thousands of online poker enthusiasts who are looking for new players like you to play a fun game of poker. The game of poker is played in a multi-player format of up to ten players per table. So you can make nine new friends each time you sit at a table. At there are really all sorts of people at Absolute, a young and dynamic crowd of fun seeking people.

Unfortunately Absolute Poker was forced to shut down on Black Friday. Nowadays it is recommended to use the Party Poker Bonus Code when you are looking to register as a new player somewhere, you will be entitled to a nice welcome bonus of 100% up to $500. This is how Party Poker shows their gratitude for choosing them. There are many online poker rooms competing for new players and this is the kind of incentive you can get. Note that if you do not use any bonus code at all, you may get a bonus but not as large. It is sad to see AP leaving the poker scene but this is still a very unregulated industry and you can expect more consolidation in the future, especially after the US market reopens.

One feature that you could not find at any other poker room, and this is why Absolute Poker was so unique: the bad beat jackpot. As stated, Absolute had already distributed more than 50 million dollars from this jackpot. Can you imagine the kind of money you can win. Maybe not? Ok, some (un)lucky players have earned 5 or even 6 figure numbers from this jackpot. Can you imagine playing NL25 and suddenly winning a quarter million dollars, which is equal to 10,000 buy-ins? This has happened and will continue to happen thanks to their amazing bad beat jackpot.

The above are just some features at past Absolute Poker. It was the favorite online poker room of thousands of players who flock regularly to their various poker tables. Whatever your interest, you will find a stake, a poker variation and a format that fits you. If you are just getting started in online poker, no problem start at the micro-limits or even with fun money.